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Sea the Difference

Dive into Valley Farm's
Seafood Selection

Tide to Table

Our Sustainable

Set sail on a voyage of freshness and flavor with Valley Farm Market’s exquisite seafood selection. Our harbor of aquatic treasures is designed for those who crave the unparalleled taste of ocean-fresh seafood.

Our Ocean Ethos

Beyond the Bait

Valley Farm Market takes pride in contributing to a sustainable and ethical seafood industry. Through our commercial fishing business, Butchered Tails, we ensure our seafood selections are wild-caught under responsible practices that honor the earth’s waters while delivering the freshest catch to your plate.

Poke Perfection

Palette of
Pacific Delights

Our poke counter is a canvas of the Pacific, offering a medley of fresh flavors and textures with every scoop.

Spicy Ahi

Classic Ahi


Spicy Tuna

Gabe’s Hokey Poke

Wild-Caught Wonders

The wild, untamed flavors of the ocean are reeled in with love and expertise. Our selection of wild-caught fish is a testament to quality and a love affair with the open waters.