Charred Bark

Unlock the secret world of robust flavors with Charred Bark, where roasted garlic kisses peppercorn in a sizzling embrace. No tree bark here, just a seasoning blend that promises to turn every dish into a firewood culinary tale, complete with all the smoky, savory goodness you crave.


How to Use

Master the Flavor: Your Guide to Unleashing Utility.

Classic Meats

A sprinkle of Utility Seasoning before grilling or pan-searing amplifies the natural flavors of your steak, lamb, or pork chops. Also, consider it for your next dry brine session.

Poultry Pleaser

Bored of bland chicken? Transform your roast chicken or turkey with a generous rub of Utility. It gives poultry the punch it often needs, creating a golden, flavorful crust.

Seafood Sprinkle

Fish and Utility: a duo you didn’t know you needed. From pan-seared salmon to grilled shrimp skewers, a touch of this seasoning elevates the oceanic flavors.